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Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

Signs to Know that “Eman” Left your House

Here’re some signs discussed below:
1. When a dinner party is more important than “celebrating muslim festival”.
2. When-in your house, it is customary & preferred for the opposite genders to have informal gatherings together.
3. When money is spent like a fountain on parties, birthdays & other events but “MONEY problems” arrive when it comes to give Zakat/Sadqa.
4. When you don’t wake your child for Fajr prayers because “they are TIRED” but wake them up early enough for going to airport for HOLIDAYS!
5. When you spend money on extracurricular activities to get your child into a good college BUT not spending on your child reading the Quran so that he/she can have a good after life.
6. When taking your child to shopping mall is more important than taking your child to the Masjid.
7. When Eid is celebrated by dancing & singing of men & women at house and termed as “Eid parties”.
8. When “Quality Family time” is considered as MOVIES, Popcorn and NOT talks on Islam.
9. When all topics of Islam are “AVOIDED” at parties and gatherings or GOSSIP is accepted and preferred.
10. When the “Verses of the Quran” are JUST “DECORATION PIECES.”
….that tell you that “Eman” has left your house.

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